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High Power Pulsed Xenon UV-C Light Disinfection Robot

$18,750.00 USD

Pulse Xenon Lamp Sterilization, High Power Pulsed UV-C Light Disinfection Robot

Operation theatre ICU 10 minute 99.99% germ reduction.

Xenon kill germs in four ways:

  1. UVC disrupt cell membrane, induce injury of cell.
  2. UVC destroy DNA chain
  3. UVC induce cross-linkage between protein, induces injury of cell.
  4. UVC enhance the reconstruction of DNA and RNA, induce biological injury.

Advantages of Xenon:

  1. Germ reduction within three minutes, completely kills germs.
  2. Rapidly decomposes harmful chemicals like formaldehyde.
  3. Purify air, eliminate smoke smell and funk.
  4. No O3 remains, no secondary pollution.