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Fully Automatic N95 Face Mask Making Machine with Earloop KS-C95R

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Fully Automatic N95 Face Mask Making Machine With Earloop KS-C95R. This is a fully automatic N95 face mask making machine, the entire roll of fabric is unrolled and then combined by rollers. The fabric is unfolded by mechanical folding and the nasal bridge is pulled and unrolled. It is cut to length and then introduced into the edged fabric. It is ultrasonically welded to the seal on both sides and then ultrasonically sealed , Cut with a cutter.

The automatic N95 face mask making machine is used for producing N95 face masks without breathing/exhalation valves, production efficiency is about 35~50pcs/min. The initial design can store 4 stacks of tray at the same time. The laser marking function is for option.