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Be part of a revolution, join us today and save huge on B2B purchases! Factory Finder has strategic relationships with thousands of top-tier OEM factories around the globe. We are consistently adding new and innovative products to our B2B marketplace platform. We frequently monitor market prices to keep pricing competitive across our platform. 

Exclusive Member Benefits:
  • Factory Direct pricing, no inflated markups, exclusive to supply chain professionals. Purchase most products at up to 50% below market prices.
  • 24-hour phone support, members can reach out with questions anytime.


Search through 1.5K+ manufacturers and find your best match.

  • apply filters
  • specify product
  • add multiple products
  • find a manufacturer that fulfills needs and requirements for all products just within seconds
  • judge results to your preferences and contact factory to get a quote


Choose for the Match of your Dreams

  • review your match and approve
  • further specify your request
  • speed up the process by providing all information needed to start production at once


Build trustworthy and reliable relationships, secured by our features.

  • proceed to production process as soon as the factory approves your request
  • run a smooth production run, secured by our features you won’t forget any important steps or details
  • important agreements are saved and can be looked up any time in case of disputes


Have all your production related data in one place.

  • spot calls to action and set priority lists
  • place repeat orders within seconds by revisiting saved projects
  • quick view all your currently running and previous projects