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COVID-19: Our Response & Commitment to You
COVID-19: Our Response & Commitment to You

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Find your new factory partner on the global B2B marketplace and sourcing platform. Instant access to vetted OEM/ODM factories around the globe.

The trusted B2B Marketplace made in San Francisco; operated in Springfield, Ohio. Factory Finder's headquarters is located on the second floor of the historical Bushnell Building in downtown Springfield, Ohio. Our office occupies the former office of Harry Aubrey Toulmin Sr., the patent attorney for the Wright Brothers.

Toulmin arrived in Springfield, Ohio from Washington D.C. in 1886 because it was a center of innovation and invention that required legal representation for patent proceedings. He set up his law firm in the Bushnell Building located at 14 East Main Street in Springfield. Toulmin was the patent attorney for Wilbur and Orville Wright. The US patent for the airplane was drafted in the Factory Finder corporate office.  

We love to challenge the status quo as we pursue our mission: to provide procurement and sourcing professionals instant access to vetted factories. 


We work with the world’s most trusted OEM and ODM factories to give you the best B2B procurement, sourcing, product development and management experience imaginable. Partnering with Factory Finder empowers you and your team with instant access to a network of vetted factories on a single platform. Be part of a revolution, join us today!Factory Finder global sourcing platform b2b marketplace springfield Ohio


14 East Main St, #305
Springfield, OH 45502