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Germicidal Ultraviolet UV-C Sterilizer Lamp - ZXC-II (XY)

$200.00 USD

The Germicidal Ultraviolet UV-C Sterilizer Lamp ZXC-II (XY) is mainly used in the medical and hygienic units as well as the industrial section of food and medicines for the air sterilization. It can killed MRSA, E.coli, germs, viruses and microorganisms.

Material: Steel coated with powder(two-tube)

Wavelength: 253.7nm Power Source: AC220V (50HZ) Adjustment angle of lamp arm: 0-135° Timing range: 0~60 minutes Illumination: 100μw/cm² Light tube: Quartz light tube 30W x2 HS Code: 8419200000 packing info.: Size of per carton:102×20×45cm Volume: 0.0918CBM/carton G.W. Per Carton: 15kg/carton Chargeable Weight/Volume Weight: 18.36kg/carton

Delivery time: 5-15 business days