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Battery Powered ULV Cold Fogger Machine 606 Model

$1,275.00 USD
SKU 606

The ULV Cold Fogger 606 Model battery powered portable fogger machine can spray all chemicals, such as insecticides, pesticides, disinfectants, deodorants, odor neutralizers, used for pest control, farm disinfection, air disinfection, eliminate virus etc.


  • The 1st battery-powered ULV cold fogger machine in the world, there isn't another factory that has this new technology in the world.
  • No pollution, low noise, better protect environment.
  • 150 minutes long time continuously spraying for the battery electricity.
  • Precision flow rate and droplet control, fog droplet size can be controlled for both ULV and residual spraying.
  • Has adjustable variable regulator produce 5 to 50 microns of fine fog droplet, this fogger can quickly apply disinfectants, biocides or insecticides and other water based solutions to eradicate vector carriers and pests, disinfection., etc.

The 1st battery-powered ULV cold fogger machine in the world.

MOQ is 250 pcs.