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Battery Portable ULV Cold Fogger Machine Model 3600B

$922.00 USD
SKU 3600B

Battery Portable ULV Cold Fogger Machine Model 3600B is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. The 3600B battery powered ULV cold fogger is leading the charge in the fight against COVID-19. 


  • Precision flow rate and droplet control, fog size can be controlled for both ULV and residual spraying.
  • Has adjustable variable regulator produce 5 to 25 microns of fine fog droplet can quickly apply disinfectants, biocides or insecticides and other water based solutions to eradicate vector carriers and pests.
  • Can choose install solenoid valve, set timer automatic control stop spraying.
  • Motor RPM adjustable, set spray more far or short distance.
  • Can install GPS, the SD Card will recording flow rate, spraying time and the spraying route for each work.

The 1st battery-powered ULV cold fogger machine in the world.

MOQ 500 pcs.