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Find a Clothing Factory in Asia

Apparel Manufacturing in Asia

What do you think about when someone says, Asia? Culture? History? Tourism? Fashion? Asia is the biggest continent that contains 4.5 Billion people with a wide variety of unbelievable cultures and a rich history.  There are so many things to discover like islands, gigantic futuristic cities, temples, and nature. Besides all those things, in the 21st century, Asia is the capital of production in most industries. This is also the same for textiles and that's why Asia is one of the most ideal places to produce in the fashion industry.

When we think of production, countries like China, Vietnam or India would come to mind. Yes, they are mostly the biggest destinations for textile and garment manufacturing. But today, there are also countries like Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Turkey or even Hong Kong that are big players in this industry.

While Asia has been usually associated with low costs and high production scales, with the help of developed technology in the continent, Asian manufacturers also started to engage with high technologies, and even in some cases, there are the ones who try to catch Europe in sustainable operations or water sensitive production. In this manner, of course, Asia still needs to progress to catch European manufacturing locations like Italy, Germany, Netherlands or the UK. Interested to find a manufacturer in mighty Asia? Factory Finder can help you.   

Featured Manufacturers from Europe: 

  • S.T.L. Premium Products Co. : Thailand
  • Tangibal Sports Pakistan
  • Sreepriya Exports Pvt Ltd : India
  • Too Fabric Custom Clothing Manufacturer : Turkey
  • Fairy Descent Limited : Vietnam
  • KingWang Fashion Manufactory : China
  • Besfit Company Limited: Hong Kong

Quick Facts About Clothing Manufacturing in Asia 

  • Revenue in the Fashion segment in 2019 is an estimated €361.918 Billion which is #1 as a continent.
  • The European Fashion market is expected to grow an estimated 1/3%, resulting in a market volume of US $ 556,296 Billion by 2023 
  • In Global, most revenue is generated in China (US $ 281,979 Billion)
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