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Discover the 10 Cs for Each OEM Lighting Factory

One excellent system for the final vetting of potential OEM factory partner is found in the 10 C's. You’ll need to interview one or more contacts at each supplier to gather information for some of these points. You might even interview their other clients.

Rate each supplier on a scale (like 1–5) for each area below, rather than a pass or fail.

  1. Competency: How well they have satisfied other clients that are similar to your organization.
  2. Capacity: Their ability to handle large orders, which is affected by how busy they are with other clients already.
  3. Commitment: This includes both their commitment to being a reliable partner for you and their commitment to standards of high quality, such as Six Sigma. 
  4. Control: Their control over their own supply chain and processes, which indicates how reliable they would be at delivering your orders and adapting to unexpected problems.
  5. Cash: Their financial strength, including positive cash flow and liquidity, which can allow them to stay in business in difficult times. Get evidence of their cash position and, possibly, creditworthiness.
  6. Cost: The price of their goods compared to similar suppliers’ goods. This may not be as important as other factors that can affect your reputation and professional relationships.
  7. Consistency: The degree to which they use a system to produce the same goods and quality of goods reliably.
  8. Culture: The values of the supplier, which should align closely enough with yours in ways that count and that benefit your relationship.
  9. Clean: Their consistent use of environmentally-friendly practices, along with their good treatment of their own employees and neighbors.
  10. Communication: Their usual communication methods, which should be similar to methods that work well for you, along with their communication methods during a crisis. They should also reach out frequently to find out what you need.

These factors together can create the two other main results you’re looking for: reliability and value for cost.

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