The B2B Marketplace for the Packaging Industry

The packaging industry has undergone significant changes in the supply marketplace over the last few years. High growth in emerging markets, raw material price volatility, consolidation in the industry, and increased demand for premium and sustainable packaging, along with increased regulations are some of the macro factors that have had significant and lasting impact on the packaging supplier marketplace. Procurement professionals are required to keep pace with these packaging industry changes, which is no simple task.

Controlling packaging costs is a tough task. High exposure to volatile raw material prices make cost control difficult. Expansion into newer markets requires sourcing from vetted local suppliers, which requires local sourcing skills. Failure from suppliers can halt operations and result in millions in financial losses.

Factory Finder’s experience in the packaging industry is vast. We source all major packaging categories for our clients include corrugated boxes, cartons, packing paper, pallets, slipsheets, films and flexibles, plastic and glass containers, shrink and stretch wraps, blister packs, labels, polybags, adhesives, metal packaging and sustainable green packaging among many others.